Is Technology Making Us Dumber?
Technology is undoubtedly a useful tool...but it's also made us worse at certain things. How do you spell hippopotamus, what's your cell phone number, when does you license need to be renewed?
The 10 Things WNY’ers Miss Because Of Technology
Have you thought recently about the things that have been replaced by technology that were once a part of your life?  How about some of these . . .
1.  Making mixtapes.
2.  The excitement of seeing how the photos from a roll of film turned out and putting them into albums...
Who Had It Harder Kids Today Or Kids Of The Past
We all may be guilty of saying to our kids..."You have it so easy today...when I was young..." So with that in mind who had it tougher . . . people who grew up without all the modern technology we're used to today, or people who did?
Technology Issues That Annoy Us
Technology is a wonderful thing when it is available and it works! We've all had days that we want to take a hammer to our computer or throw our smartphone out the window...and what are some of the most annoying technological issues:
iPhone 8 Talk Already??
I am not one to rush into technology.  I love the advancements as much as the next guy, but I am more of the 'wait for it to be perfected before I buy' type of guy.
I currently own the iPhone 5s, which at one point was the Cadillac of cell
Black Friday Big Deal
I predict that more and more companies will put family in front of profits and WILL be CLOSED on Thanksgiving but will be open Black Friday with some incredible deals, mostly on televisions.
The Ogo Wheelchair
I've blogged many times about my cousin who lost his legs in Afghanistan and I'm impressed in his abilities to get around with just a wheelchair and his upper body strength. Yet, it would be nice to see this aspect of his life become easier. Well, that time is now with Ogo Technology.
$50 6 Inch Tablet For Sale
I have plenty of time off this November, and I'm already thinking about Christmas shopping. If technology is on a loved one's wish list, CNBC has reported that Amazon will have a 6-inch tablet available for $50 just in time for your holiday shopping.
Enter the 4th Dimension
Recently I showed you a video of my son Dylan making his coloring book come to life. The image on the page became 3D using a tablet an an app. Could other images that we need to know more about be viewed in a fourth dimension or...a hologram? The PBS Digital studio's think so.
Hacked Baby Monitor Camera
My days of needing to monitor the baby are a few years behind me now, but seeing this video still sent shock waves down my spine. The thought of a stranger looking at my baby without my knowledge is very troubling to say the least.

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