Who Had It Harder Kids Today Or Kids Of The Past
We all may be guilty of saying to our kids..."You have it so easy today...when I was young..." So with that in mind who had it tougher . . . people who grew up without all the modern technology we're used to today, or people who did?
Technology Issues That Annoy Us
Technology is a wonderful thing when it is available and it works! We've all had days that we want to take a hammer to our computer or throw our smartphone out the window...and what are some of the most annoying technological issues:
iPhone 8: New Features Already?
I am not one to rush into technology.  I love the advancements as much as the next guy, but I am more of the 'wait for it to be perfected before I buy' type of guy.
I currently own the iPhone 5s, which at one point was the Cadillac of cell
With DAQRI We're Entering The Fourth Dimension [VIDEO]
Recently I showed you a video of my son Dylan making his coloring book come to life. The image on the page became 3D using a tablet an an app. Could other images that we need to know more about be viewed in a fourth dimension or...a hologram? The PBS Digital studio's think so.
Parents, Not Kids, Are Abusing Technology
When I think of people who abuse technology, I think of kids/teens playing video games for hours at a time, texting late at night, sitting at the table tweeting -- basically removed from a normal existence on this planet.
But it seems that might not truly be the case.
Big Brother In Our Cars And Our…Forks?
It's no question we live in a digital society.  Hey, every day, I'm badgering you to follow me on Twitter (@LauraDaniels961), but I promise it's for your own good!  I like to entertain you after our time in the morning together is over, and I also like to share cool stuff th…

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