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WNY Girl Wants OUT! [VIDEO]
Earlier this morning, Keith and I were talking about road trips and summer vacations.  Our listener, Lindsi Archabald, shared this video of her little girl, Frankie, who was being a real trooper after 10 hours in the car on their trip back from Tennessee....
3 Cash-Saving DIY Ideas
Keeping the kids entertained and safely occupied, saving money AND enjoying some "me" time sounds almost impossible in the summer, huh?
Check out these three super-easy DIY tips!
So Much To Do! So Little (Free) Time!
This summer you might be  able to say you're too tired to go out but there's no excuse for being bored.  There's so much going on this Summer it comes all comes down to finding the time to squeeze in as much fun as possible between work and other responsibilities. …
5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids During Summer Vacation
Kids lazing around the house doing all summer long? Not this year. There's a whole world of activities out there. Sure, some of it might not be air conditioned but that's a small risk to take for summer fun.
Organize a Party
The summer can be a great time to bring out your child's inner…