What Anthony Bourdain Said About Buffalo Is Spot On
Anthony Bourdain the CNN and chef nailed it about Buffalo:
"Buffalo is a different culture. I look at Buffalo and Buffalonians as a different culture now. Ten years ago, I would have looked at them as those poor guys who live upstate, and I'm lucky enough to live in Manhattan...
Cause of Death Official
The Marin County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference today (Aug. 12) to discuss the details, including cause of death, surrounding Robin Williams’ passing.
Man Convicted, Commits Suicide In Courtroom? [VIDEO]
Michael Marin was found guilty for burning down his Biltmore area mansion in 2009 to collect insurance money.  Did he commit suicide in the courtroom?
After the verdict was read, watch him put his hands over his face and it looks like he put something into his mouth...