Things That Can Ruin Spring
It's not a cold, it's just sinuses. You've said it more than once, probably just this week. T
I hate to beat a dead horse...but their are a few things that can make Spring miserable, and I am not just talking about the weather, but it is on the list.
Maid of the Mist Set to Open Soon
If the weather hasn't been feeling like spring, maybe another glance at the calendar will make you feel like it's really here. One sign spring is here is the reopening of Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.
One of the most popular tourist attractions in the world! The...
Western New York Feels Like Spring this Weekend
Yesterday was our first taste of spring this year. Will the weather last? We will have to wait to see.  But as far as this weekend goes the weather has been amazing. In fact according to WGRZ temperatures have been 10-15 degrees above normal...
Hard-To-Kill Plants for Fellow Plant-Killers in Buffalo
I do NOT have a green thumb, but thanks to me waiting too long to mow and it being too wet to do so, DJ got green paws...
Now, as I've mentioned several times, I am NOT good at keeping plants alive. They can be the most hearty, simple-to-care-for things and put them in a four mile radius of me a…
Spring Fashion in Buffalo -- How Soon Is Too Soon?
We all know "that guy" or "that girl".
The ones who puts on shorts the minute the temperature goes above the freezing mark (my boyfriend is one of them).
Along with that, open-toed shoes start showing up WAY too early; and frankly, after those dogs have been stuffed…
Spring Cleaning Precautions
Spring has officially sprung, and for a lot of us, that means spring cleaning!  I've literally only done it as a renter, every time I moved. But since I just bought a house, I'm gonna have to get into a new habit!
That includes the inside, and the outside, of your home...

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