Halloween Hospitality: Dracula's Sleepover
In what has got to be one of the coolest (and spookiest) promotions ever, 2 lucky winners will spend the night in Dracula's Castle on Halloween night courtesy of Airbnb.  I don't mean some knock-off wanna be castle, I mean Dracula's actual castle...
OMG -- WNY Is Full of Naked Sleepers! [VIDEOS]
A study was just released that says sleeping naked not only helps you sleep better, but also you'll burn more calories doing so!
There are other health benefits too...check themem out here.
"The Doctors" even talked out it recently.
I'm not a naked sleeper, but given t…
Best Sleep Formula + A Cool App I Use
If you work wacky hours like I do (my alarm goes off at 3:30am), this is what's known as the BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR.
Daylight Saving Time this weekend means we "fall back" and GAIN an hour of sleep. To me, that's better than winning the lottery...
NPH Just Wants to Sleep [VIDEO]
Neil Patrick Harris ("NPH" for those in the know...) made a pretty tongue-in-cheek music video for a product called Neuro Sleep. It's like the ANTI-energy drink, supposedly made with "the highest quality nature-derived ingredients".
Why I Felt Like This Guy
FYI, that's supposed to be Rip Van Winkle. ;)
The most bizarre thing happened to me this weekend.  Instead of my usual go-to of "OMG, check WebMD!!!!" I want to know if this has ever happened to you! (Medical professionals especially are encouraged to talk me off this ledg…
Reason 2,423,877 to Quit Smoking: It Ruins Sleepy Time
As the surgeon general helpfully details on every pack of cigarettes, there are many health problems associated with smoking. But here's a new one: Smoking can cause restless nights.
German researchers surveyed the sleep habits of 1,100 smokers and 1,200 non-smokers...

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