What Would You Do For A Year Of Perfect Sleep?
You've had your morning coffee, but you still are yawning and not quite awake. Many of us assume that if we spend eight hours in bed, we are meeting or daily needs for rest and rejuvenation. What we fail to think about is the number of times we wake up throughout the night, or minutes spent tos…
Most Common Myths About Sleep
Getting less than 5 hours sleep a night increases your risk for heart disease and early death. There are also some misconceptions about making up for lost sleep.
Get Paid $19,000 To Sleep in Bed For 60 Days
Would you? Here's what's happening.
We're trying to study the weightlessness in space here....expect, you aren't going to space. You're going to Germany.
NASA, along with the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center, have launched their first joint long-term bed-r…
[CHART] When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed
Ever have a problem trying to figure out when to put your kids to bed? You put them to bed too early, they goof off and are hyper or if you put them to bed too late, it's a bad day at school.
Here's a chart that Wilson Elementary in Wisconsin has shared for a long time that a lot of familie…

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