How to See If Anyone Has Logged Onto Your Facebook
Ever have a suspicion someone besides yourself has been logging into your Facebook account? Not sure how to prove it or make sure it's not happening? Follow these easy steps now to check.
1.)Go to Facebook Click Settings>Security>Where You're Logged In
2.) Cli...
Facebook Follows You Forever…
Getty ImagesDo you feel secure about your privacy when you use Facebook? A new revelation online led the world's largest social networking site to change some of its software to give users a little more security. But those changes may not be enough to keep your Internet travels private.
Go Stealth With Facebook Privacy Settings
If you're reading this post you most likely have a Facebook account. Did you know that unless you customize your privacy settings in Facebook your personal information is out there for the whole world to read?
Disguised Passenger Boards Aircraft!
Nabbed! Man boards flight in 'elderly' disguise
A young airline passenger who disguised himself as an elderly man was intercepted after emerging from a toilet mid-flight without his silicone mask, according to reports.
Officials were notified of a "possible imposter" on an …