Is there Life on the Newly Discovered 7 Planets? [POLL]
For the first time in our history, astronomers have discovered seven earth size planets. According to WGRZ they are orbiting a nearby star and these new worlds could sustain life. With this new discovery comes many questions.
My first question is do you believe there is possibly life forms livi…
With DAQRI We're Entering The Fourth Dimension [VIDEO]
Recently I showed you a video of my son Dylan making his coloring book come to life. The image on the page became 3D using a tablet an an app. Could other images that we need to know more about be viewed in a fourth dimension or...a hologram? The PBS Digital studio's think so.
Is Human Blood Actually Blue or Red? [VIDEO]
My wife is a 'phleb' (short for phlebotomist) or a medical professional who draws blood. I once asked her about the myth that blood is actually blue, but turns red once it hits the air. She says she draws directly from the body and the color of the blood is a deep red. I just had to dig de…

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