Saving money

Easy Tips To Save Money
Often times we all feel like we are living paycheck to paycheck. With children, young and old it is really hard to save. Young children are constantly creating additional expenses from daycare to sports. Then comes can you possibly SAVE money.
Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning
What did we do before air conditioning and do you really save energy by shutting off your air conditioner when you’re gone at work, or is it better to just let it run all day at a "set" temperature?
Money Saving Tips For Summer
Summer is a black hole for unnecessary spending. Weddings, vacations, camps and bored kids are all reasons to spend money. Here are some ideas on how to approach the summer months in a budget-friendly way.
Seize the Deal For Great Food, Golfing and Camping
We proudly bring you Seize the Deal which offers hundreds of discounts every day from local businesses right here in Western New York. You're going to find great deals from restaurants to movie theaters along with spas and golf courses. Twice a week Seize The Deal features exciting new products with…
10 Things You Shouldn't Buy At Walmart
"Big box store"
"Discount retailer"
Whatever you want to call this GIANT, without naming the name, here are some things you're not supposed to buy at the 'mart according to a recent report:

Hi Def TVs -- good prices, but the TVs aren't that great, and …
What You Won't Skimp On
Lets face it, money's tight for just about all of us.
(And if you DON'T fall into that category, feel free to send a best friends call me "Cash"....)
Yesterday we asked about certain things you just can't skimp on.
For instance, no matter how broke I am (and…
Those Dreaded Bank Fees!
It's Labor Day weekend! I hope you don't have to "labor" too much. You work hard and deserve some time off. You also deserve to know something my bank didn't tell me.