Santa Claus

Kids Describe Belief in Santa
Nothing puts a smile on my face more then seeing the joy of those around me during the holidays! I love getting to see the smiles on children's faces as they await the arrival of Santa Claus and all their presents!
Check out this great video above, in which these kids keep the magic of San…
Santa: When Do We Tell Kids?
The moment that every parent dreads - telling the kids the truth about Santa.  It's a rough one, and it is the end of innocence.  I have worried about this since my son was born and now the time has come.
I have 2 kids which makes this even more difficult.  M...
What's On When?!?!
This photo alone puts me in footsie-pajamas, laying on my parents' brown shag carpet in front of the TV, eating popcorn out of the big stainless steel bowl (also known as the "puke bowl") and sipping a root beer float.
Literally, THAT was what Christmastime looked like to me, e…
Buffalo Is On the Naughty List
Based on’s crime index, which factors statistics on a variety of crimes in towns across the country, these are the five naughtiest towns:
1. Ocean Beach - Crime Index 16,507 - Population 79
2. Buffalo, NY - Crime Index 4,032 - Population 261,310 - Buffalo median household incom…
Great Job Santa!
Over the past 5 years we've been taking our son Dylan to see Santa Claus. For the most part his visit goes off without a hitch. Recently Brayden Deely's parents couldn't convince him to sit on Santa's lap. He was frustrated because he has autism. Well, Brayden got the full experience of visiting San…

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