The Average Shopper Will Spend How Much This XMAS?
It's the most wonderful time of the year!.. but maybe not so much for your wallet. The National Retail Foundation is predicting shoppers to spend at least $40 more this Christmas from last years.. so how much does the average shopper spend?
Shhh…Leaked 2018 Black Friday Deals
It's almost that time, you're sleeping in your clothes, the cars backed in the driveway and coffee is already in your to-go cup..Black Friday baby!! Whatever you do, don't head out to the stores without a plan, check out some Black Friday deals that have already been leaked out...
Some Post-Christmas Sales Are Even Better Than Black Friday!
I've admitted it before -- I'm not a fan of shopping.  I just don't have the shopping gene.  But these sales may get me to flip the script in the coming days!

Old Navy -- Up to 75% off in stores, and up to 50% off online!  Ends 12/31/12
Forever 21 -- 30% off til 1/2/13
Amazon -- Up to 70% off clothing …
Best After Christmas Deals
With so many people on vacation this week it means extra time to head to the stores. People will be looking to use those gift cards received as presents, and to take advantage of deep discount deals offered by retailers. Here's a link to the web site "Dealio" that has compiled…