Signs You've Found A Keeper
It's not that hard to tell when someone's totally wrong for you. But totally right is a little trickier. Are you wondering whether you have found a keeper?
YOU BE THE JUDGE: Should This Woman Ban Ex From Delivery Room
You and your husband are expecting a baby and then suddenly you get divorced. You hate his stinking guts, and you don't want him to be in the delivery room when you give birth – but he does.
What do you do?
Steven Plotnick sued his ex-girlfriend last year to make her tell him when she went …
Are You In A Relationship Or Just Dating
When you're seeing someone new, when do you stop "dating" and become a "relationship"?  Statistics say the average time is about six weeks in.
The survey, was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of EdenFantasys, also revealed that in most relationships, physical affection comes first
Dating Etiquette For The 2000's?
If you're single, you date right? I mean, maybe once a week, before major holidays, on Valentine's Day so you don't feel left out. Or maybe you don't date but you just go out with a friend, with no strings attached. Whatever you call it, are there rules you follow?
Do You Give Your Significant Other a B-?
Being in relationships can be tough. Not everyone is perfect and that's all. It is important that you are giving it your best. A new study showed that the average person rates their significant other a B-

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