PICTURES: Josh Allen + His Girlfriend Got A Puppy
What kind of dog do you think Josh Allen would get? Well, it looks like Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams (who they have been together since their high school days in California) may have gotten a brand new addition to the family...
Uhhh Bad News--Here's Why Not Sleep With Your Dog
If you let your dog sleep in bed with you--it's really bad.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinc say that 60% of dogs sleep in their human's bed and that because of this their owners are getting really bad sleep.
Night after night after night...
Expectant Father Surprise [VIDEO]
The pacing.
The anticipation.
The fear of the unknown!
Any expectant parent goes through many emotions....and then, reality sets in as to just how much life -- and budgets -- will change!  See how one expectant father deals with it...
Gratitude Is The Attitude [VIDEO]
Two little ones had BEGGED for a puppy for years.
Mom and Dad surprised them by putting a special package near the table where they were doing homework.
Never in your life will you see (and FEEL) so much GRATITUDE....it's really beautiful...
Puppy Or Panda?
A woman in China has two puppies that look JUST like pandas because of their crazy markings (no, that's not one of them in that photo above -- that's an actual panda). The internet is going WILD over them!