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Donut Day in 716
The first Friday in June is always reserved for a delicious donut...or several.
It's National Donut Day!  And it's not just some silly made-up holiday to sell more donuts.  The Salvation Army started it in 1938 to honor the women who handed out donuts to soldiers during World War …
LD's Birthday Gift from EJ [VIDEO]
We did the show from Paula's Donuts in Tonawanda on Friday, celebrating her 20 years in Buffalo!
We were also celebrating the not-yet-national-holiday that is my birthday! ;) LOL!
Eric surprised me with the funniest, FUNNEST, gift as of yet...
Pie Face at Paula's [VIDEO]
We've been celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Paula's Donuts all morning, as we broadcast the show from her Tonawanda location today!
In honor of the celebration, we offered you a chance to score a FREE dozen donuts by playing the game that made its appearance at every party this summer --…
We'll Be Ur Secret Santa
Let US Be Your Secret Santa!
We've been talking about office Secret Santa for a few days now...and I'm in a real "sticky wicket" (I don't think I used that term correctly) because I STILL am at a loss for what to get the person I drew for ours...
Paula's Election Day! [VIDEO]
What a terrible assignment I had broadcast the show from the Sheridan location of Paula's Donuts. ;)  It was, of course, a special occasion: Election Day.  But not just the presidential election (which, by the way, with Mix Picks the Prez, by a very slim margin, you picked…

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