Star Spangled Swifty
According to People, Taylor Swift decided to opt out of her annual star-studded July 4 bash this year.  There were no signs of a party over the weekend at her beach compound in Rhode Island. I mean what's the point of having a beach compound if you don't have a party...
Should Eric Jordan Wear This
Often I struggle with finding the perfect outfit for the right occasion, you never want to be that person thats underdressed or even overdressed. So not too far away from now will be our companies holiday party. Some of my coworkers will show up in suit and tie, some in fancy dresses with heels, I however want to make a statement...
Bachelorette Party Musts
October is not just the month of Halloween. You'd be surprised to know that it's one of the most popular wedding months of the year. But first comes the bachelorette party! Here's what yours must have.
Olympic Drinks [RECIPES]
I'm having a few friends over for an Olympics Opening Ceremony party tonight, and I was going to make Beef Stroganoff (the only Russian recipe that sounded appealing from the ones I found), but it got vetoed.
Top Party and Non-Party Schools of 2012
Princeton Review has put out its annual list of top party school, along with the top sober schools. If you had a choice, would you send your child to the party school or the sober school?  Seems like an easy decision, but how would either affect their education and life experience?

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