9 Million Gallons Of Sewage Flow Into Niagara River
They're saying that the Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant is just so old that is to blame for the mishap of 19 MILLION GALLONS of SEWAGE AND POOP going into the Niagara River.
With all the rain that we got the past week or so, it  pushed 19 million gallons of raw, partially treated s…
Look At Rob Banks' Garden + Landscaping Hack
My garden looks like the desert right now. My landscaping is even worse....and lets not even talk about my lawn.
Last night my grandparents were coming over and I realized that our outside looked like a mess and I know I didn't have enough time, so I just bought fake shrubs and flowers...
5,000 Will Do Buffalo's Garden Walk This Weekend
If you've never gone before you have to check it out! All of these neighborhoods in Buffalo combine for over 400 gardens that participate in the walk. It's absolutely FREE.
Buffalo Garden Walk 2018
Saturday and Sunday July 28 & 29, 2018
10 AM-4 PM
You'll be able to grab a ma…
WNY Ponds 'Winterkill'
We were here. We know it was a harsh Buffalo winter, but it appears the effects are a bit deeper than you might have imagined. The extended period of ice, blanketed by deep snow, is likely to result in fish die-offs in numerous area ponds, according to New York State Department of Environmental Cons…