Cool Timelapse Of Stars Moving In Southtowns of WNY [VIDEO]
How cool is this.
The past couple of days have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL in Western New York. Today we had a chance to break a record that is over 100 years old. The record, for this day is set at 70 degrees in 1898 and we actually hit 71 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport...
Water Safety Products You Need This Summer
Having a good time in the water is easy, but don't forget to practice water safety too. Make sure you've got what you need to stay prepared and safe whether you're on a boat, at the pool or hanging at the beach.
Keeps Bugs at Bay With Items That Are All Abuzz
It's that magical time of year where everyone is spending tons of time outside. Unfortunately, "everyone" includes fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies and all other kinds of pests. Keep the bugs at bay with products that I've sourced especially for you (and your dog).
Clothing With Built-in UPF? Five Pieces You Gotta Have
I'm a huge advocate of sunscreen and SPF, but I also know that reapplying sun lotion can be greasy and annoying. That's why clothing with built-in UPF(ultraviolet protection factor) is a huge game-changer! Stock up and add some of these tried and true pieces to your wardrobe.
9 Million Gallons Of Sewage Flow Into Niagara River
According to WIVB, the Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant is just so old that is to blame for the mishap of 19 MILLION GALLONS of SEWAGE going into the Niagara River.
With all the rain that we got the past week or so, it  pushed 19 million gallons of raw, partially treated sewage and …

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