Nik Wallenda

Top Memorable Moments At Niagara Falls
One of the wonders of the world basically sits in our backyard. Here's a little thank you to all the people/shows that had a little time showcasing our Niagara Falls with our Top Memorable Moments at The Falls...
A Nik Wallenda Wanna-Be At Canalside? [PICTURE]
My dear friend Ellen is in town. She's up from the Orlando, Fla. area visiting friends and family for a few weeks, along with seeing some familiar sites around town and a few new Canalside. Guess what she saw tonight and snapped a picture of?
Nik Wallenda's Next Stunt
You remember, Nik right?  He's the guy who crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope last year.
Well, he's announced his next stunt, and this time, he WON'T be wearing a safety harness.
Falls Boy Mimics Wallenda on Mini High-Wire
Every Sunday night, a young Niagara Falls boy hits the high-wire in his front yard to entertain anyone who happens to come by.  Eleven-year-old Vincenzo Bianco has been putting on a wire walk show ever since Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a tight rope.

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