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Happy New Year Buffalo! [VIDEO] case you missed it, went to another party were out of town or just fell asleep before the drop, here was ball drop downtown complete with fireworks!  Video credit to Junnie Bug via YouTube.
Things To Do NYE in Buffalo
Besides the iconic Ball Drop at the Electric Tower (fireworks and musical performances start at 10:30p in Roosevelt Plaza), WNY has lots of other options to ring in the new year!
Gateway Harbor: Avoid downtown's traffic and head to Gateway Harbor Park in Tonawanda (just the ball drop this y…
DETAILS: New Year’s Eve Buffalo Ball Drop 2016
The downtown Buffalo ball drop is, by far, the most popular spot to ring in the New Year in Buffalo, NY. In fact, it's the second largest ball drop in the country. In the past over 40,000 people have come downtown to celebrate the new year, so officials have already begun preparing the party do…
New Year's Superstitions
As I mentioned MANY times, I don't make "New Year's Resolutions"...I make "New Year's INTENTIONS". Resolutions are practically made to be broken. But when you set out with intentions, I feel like it just flows better.
Beer-Braised Meatballs
An old listener from my Albany radio days has a new blog that I follow, and when I saw this recipe come across my feed, I couldn't help but try it out!

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