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New Flavored Oreos Just For Buffalo
Okay okay, maybe not "for Buffalo" officially, but new flavors from America's favorite cookie have been released, and this time you'll probably wanna substitute the milk for a side of blue cheese instead! Both new flavors introduced by Oreo are packing some heat, one of which I f…
Perry's New Flavors [VIDEO]
Why must they torture us so?
Those of us "on a diet" (what day is it?) crumble under the tiniest amount of pressure.
Instead of just going nuts and devouring them for our own guilty pleasure, we made a quick video to test Keith's palate, Gitmo-style...
BACON Pop-Tarts???
As of this very moment, I believe Oreos have come out with approximately 432 different flavors.
Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration.
Lays potato chips got in on the weirdo-flavor-experiments too, with their "Do Us A Flavor" contest...