A Lancaster Couple Did This: Is It Cute Or Rude?
The incident was caught on camera and at one point there was a picture of their faces of the two people who were putting their names in the heart. We were going to blur them out to protect them some, but since then the picture has been pulled down.

What do you think?
10 Best Suburbs in Western New York [LIST]
The best suburbs around Buffalo, NY are out for the year. Multiple hamlets and villages have made the list for 2018.
To compile the list, The 2018 Best Places to Live ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area. This gra...
Travel for Trick-or-Treating?
A new study showed the best cities for trick-or-treating....basically it's places where young, rich people live close together in safe neighborhoods.
San Francisco came in first, followed by San Jose, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Phoenix.
Lots of you called this morning and said you DO travel for …