The 3 Other Names The Buffalo Bills Almost Were
Imagine the Buffalo Bills not being the Buffalo Bills.
First off, if you have ever thought why we are actually the Buffalo Bills, we have you covered. What actually is a Bill?
Well, in 1947 the then-Buffalo football team held a contest and wanted fan submissions to pick a nickname for their …
The Top 10 Baby Names of 2018 So Far.....[LIST]
If you're pregnant or know someone who is, here's a list of names to get their brains thinking about what they want to name their baby!

There is certainly a different trend the past few years, but the top 3 names from last year: Sophia, Olivia, Jackson were toward the top again. What&apo…
Top 10 Baby Names Of 2015 [LIST]
What are cool and unique baby names? Nameberry just released the biggest and hottest baby names for 2015. This years top names were based on literary characters. Creator of Nameberry, Pamela Satran explained,
Esme and Kai are both names we've seen quietly gathering steam over the past few years.…
Celeb Baby Names
In wake of Kim Kardashian being pregnant I asked Laura what do you think her and Kayne will name their baby. Celebrities seem to have these whacko names for their kids. I was thinking about how Beyonce’s poor baby has to call herself Blue Ivy for the rest of her life. …
Elite Baby Names
Expecting a child soon and don't have a name picked out? You may choose a family name, a traditional name, or contemporary name. but how about an elite name?
Patriotic Town Names
What's in a name? Well this Fourth of July it has special significance for towns accross America!  
31 is the number of places nationwide with "liberty" in their name. The most populous one is Liberty, Missouri (29,149). Iowa has more of these places than any other st…
Chuck’s Book of Lists
Top 10 names that make one sound attractive. Is your name on the list?
Sophie, Rachel, Olivia, Karen, Katie, Sarah, Grace, Emily, Amanda and Heather Ryan, James, Jack, Chris, Michael, Lewis, Andrew, Mark, David and Ian.