Mosquito Control Hack
So you'd like to spend more time near the pool or by the campfire, but those pesky mosquitoes just won't give up. How would you like to trap hundreds of them for pennies? Watch the video for an easy homemade remedy. All you'll need is a 2-liter bottle, some brown sugar, yeast and wate…
They're Heeerrreee...
Back in March, I wrote about the "giant mosquitoes" and how they were set to invade central Florida. According to CBS6 in Orlando, they've made landfall.
I don't even know that Heather Davis' homemade mosquito trap could contain these guys...
Think This Is Big?
Mosquitoes are my arch nemesis.  For whatever reason, no matter how much bug repellent  I put on, every summer I am COVERED with bites.
I Hate Mosquitos!
Apparently mosquitos love me.  Some people they never touch and some people they eat up.  My daughter is the same way.  We both get eaten bad.