Did You Know Aretha Franklin Lived in Buffalo?
Aretha actually lived in Buffalo before! The Franklin family, originally from Memphis moved to Buffalo when Aretha's dad was directing a church up in Western New York. When her dad, C.L. Franklin relocated to Buffalo, her mother, Barbara got a job being a nurse at Buffalo General Hospital.…
Mom Befriends Hot Guys
Yesterday, I heard Val and Tony play Michael Jackson's "Bad" on Mix 96.  How do you NOT move to that song?  Well, I was soon putting in my best mid 80s moves, and of course shouting "Cuz, I am Badd, Badd", while my Golden Retriever, X…
Mom's Brilliant Way of Getting Kids To Do Chores
Moms and dads, you've GOT to get creative these days to get your kids to oblige around the house.
This mom nails it -- hit em where it hurts!  Don't do your chores, and you get no WiFi password.
She puts a note up, telling the kids that in order to get today's WiFi password, they h…
CBS Releases its Fall 2014 Schedule and Trailers
Among the last, but certainly not least, the eye network CBS has officially gotten in on the Upfront 2014 game by releasing their schedule for the fall, and full trailers for the newest series. Few major surprises (minus that 'How I Met Your Dad' pass), but take a look at the future of CBS…
Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Mom
If you really want to give your mother a gift this Mother’s Day, here’s what to do:
Take on some of her most dreaded chores. You'll make any mother’s day by taking on one of the housework tasks on her “to-do” l…
4 Random Mother’s Day Facts
Mother's Day is this Sunday, and hopefully everyone remembered to "take care" of Mom. Maybe a day at the spa, some flowers or just a card -- as long as its something!
Well, since we're on the topic of Mother's Day, I found four random facts about the day that you may …
Are You A Good Mom?
If I had a nickel for every time I heard my mom say, "You kids didn't come with a manual," I'd have a luxury boat docked in St. Tropez, half of the New York Giants, and my own jar of lightly salted macadamia nuts.

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