I’m Baffled–Did You Know You Flip The Cap of Your Medicine
I hate childproof caps on the medicine bottles, but someone told me this life hack yesterday and I was shocked that I never knew this. So, when I got home I asked all my friends and none of them heard of that either.
When you first get a medicine bottle it is child proof, but did you know if you take…
A Few Mom Rules You Can Forget
When you were growing up, you were probably hit with more than a few "mom rules." You know, bits of wisdom that were passed down from generation to generation. The only problem was that a lot of those rules turned out to be terribly wrong.
Can A Broken Heart Kill?
A broken heart. We've all had one, at least once in our lives. You. Me. Even Ashton and/or Demi. You've probably even heard of people who are said to have "died of a broken heart". But can that really happen?