Want To Live On Mars?
Would you leave your family forever to live on Mars? That's the question a Dutch entrepreneur is asking -- and he has already received applications from 78,000 people!
“Nasa And I Know It” [LMFAO Parody VIDEO]
The Mars Curiosity Rover's recent landing on the red planet has many folks focused on NASA these days.  There's also been lots of talk about the NASA Mohawk Guy as well.  The two have now been put together to make a funny parody video!  I guess the only surprise here is it has nothing to do with Car…
Santa Claus Re-Conquers The Martians [VIDEOS]
We all know that Santa Claus visits all the good boys and girls on the planet Earth. But what if he also took on gift-delivery duties for the rest of the Solar System? Or, at least, what if the planet Mars was added to his route?