Mark Richards

Congratulations to our latest Workplace of the Week winner.
Congratulations to The Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center, our latest Workplace of the Week winner. Katie and her co-workers won a bunch of goodies from Wheatberry Bake Shop of Snyder, now featuring delicious soups, panini and sandwiches! Call your order in now at 839-3500, they're fantastic!
Should Declawing Cats be Banned? [OPINION] [POLL]
Our son Mark wanted a pet and so to the shelter we went. There was a room full of cats in their cages and after a few minutes, one cat reached through the bars and touched Mark’s arm with her paw. I said, “Look at her brown colors, this cat looks like our furniture...
The Solar City Site Is Also Planning Office Space
Watching growth in Western New York has become a regular event over the past few years. Now, the new $900-million Solar City complex will not only be the second largest solar panel production site in the world, it will also feature office and retail space.

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