New Baby At Buffalo Zoo
Everyone loves a baby!
On March 5, 2016, four lion cubs were born at the Buffalo Zoo.  Unfortunately, three did not survive, which is relatively common among African lions according to today's press conference.
The remaining cub, a male, has been growing and bonding with mama lion, and by al…
Doggy Dentist For Lion
I was walking DJ yesterday in North Tonawanda, and a VICIOUS Scottie tried to attack her (of course, I'm being a little dramatic with the adjectives...), and I went all "protective mom" on this Scottie's you-know-what.
On the loose
Nope, turns out it was just a super cute dog!
On Tuesday, 4 people called Norfolk, Virginia 911 to report a BABY LION was running loose on the streets.  Ya can't blame them....if it was dark and YOU saw this walkin down Hertel, you'd probably think so too...