Life Hack

Laura Daniels Shares a Breakfast Oatmeal Food Hack [VIDEO]
Did you have any idea how darn clever the good folks at Quaker Oats are???  I sure didn't.  So when I saw the dotted line, designating how much hot water I should pour into the cup, my life changed (???).
Honestly though, if you WEREN'T aware of this perk, how many times have you …
How To Unclog a Toilet Without A Plunger [VIDEO]
The holiday season is approaching and that means lots of company. Not just in your house, but in your bathroom!
It's bound to happen...whether it's "too many cooks in the kitchen" or Little Johnny trying to see if Legos will flush, when the toilet clogs, no one's happ…
How To Keep Your Pumpkin From Rotting
If you carved your pumpkin October 1st, chances are by now, it looks more like a giant orange raisin than a gourd.
Obviously there's still time to get another one, and by using these tips, it may stay fresher, longer!

After carving, wipe the outside down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and leftov…
Use More Vinegar!
When I moved into my current apartment, my washing machine smelled HORRIBLE because the past tenants left it closed, and it was moldy! The landlord ran a couple of loads through with vinegar, and it got rid of the smell.