4 Kids Charged For Senior Prank in Lewiston--Is It That Bad?
What do you think about this one?
A Senior prank has had some serious concequences for 2 current students and 2 former students as they are getting charged.

4 kids broke into the school
Rearranged the desks into a stairwell
Put cups filled with water all in the hallways
Filled the hallway with green and …
Lewiston Art Festival
There's always so much to do in the summer around Western New York, and over the weekend I ventured to Lewiston to check out their annual Art Festival.
Lewiston Nun Steals $128,000 From Churches
A nun up in Lewiston must have had no money. In fact she probably had none at all (get it?) haha. A Lewiston nun has been accused of stealing $128,000 from two parishes where she worked and has recently pleaded not guilty to her charges and has since, been in gambling recovery.

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