Letchworth State Park

Proposals Gone Wrong
Earlier today we were talking about the couple who recently got engaged at Letchworth State Park.  A photographer just happened to be nearby, and she snapped pics of the event...though she wasn't able to track them down.  Read below how Facebook helped find them...
Facebook Finds WNY Couple
Often I find myself on social media consuming my time with silly videos, celebrity drama, and the political opinions of others. However today I stumbled upon one of the cutest Facebook posts I've seen in a while.
Yesterday Melody Jett, a local photographer, was in Letchworth State Park with her fami…
Letchworth State Park Viewed From Space From the ISS
Here's another cool find from the International Space Station from the NASA website of Letchworth State Park from last winter.
If you follow this link, you can actually zoom-in to pieces of the photo, or just go to the NASA page and kill countless hours (but it will LOOK like you&…
NYS Parks Getting Assistance
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that 88 revitalization and rehabilitation projects will be completed at 60 parks and historic sites across New York State in 2015.
WNY by Balloon!
My friend Jill and I have a very long list of things I need to experience this summer in WNY! The eternal flame, the Buffalo Zoo, Old Fort Niagara, Iron Island, Clifton Hill...and now I'm adding this to my list!