Celebrating Paczki Day In Buffalo
Buffalo’s Polish community is getting ready for the holy time of Lent. The Polish Heritage Dancers hosted their annual Pączki Day celebrations Sunday, one of Western New York’s largest pre-Lenten traditions.
Fish Fryday: Casey's Tavern
It's Fish Fryday, and with it being Good Friday and the end of Lent, it is our last Fish Fryday of the season.  Luckily we had Jolene from Casey's Tavern in today to let us know that the fish fry lifestyle we have grown accustomed to doesn't have to end today...
Fish Fryday: Buffalo's Best Grill [AUDIO]
It's Fish Fryday!!!  We only have 2 of these left so we have to make them count and today we did just that with Buffalo's Best Grill.  They came to the studio with some fully loaded fish fry's that are game changers.
Julie from Buffalo's Best Grill sat down to talk…
Fish Fryday: Filet-O-Fish [AUDIO]
It's Fish Fryday and McDonald's came in and hooked it up (pun intended).  They brought enough Fish Filet sandwiches to last until next Lent!  You might not think about McDonald's as a Lent stop, but if you haven't had the Filet-O-Fish in a while you need to try it …
Fish Fryday: Parkside Meadow [AUDIO]
Today is Fish Fryday so we were able to eat again in the studio which was a great way to cap off the week!  The owner of Parkside Meadow came in to help make our Friday fish dreams come true.  I am really going to miss these days soon!
Nancy Abramo is one of the owners of Parkside Meadow and she sat…
Twitter Covers Lent
Lent is here which usually means you have to give something up.  It's a religious season, but even if you don't follow any religion you can still participate.  Sometimes it's fun to give up something to test your will power!
Christianitytoday.com ...
Drive-Thru Ashes
It's Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent for Christians around the world.
Many will receive the sign of the cross on their forehead today, using ashes from burned palms from Palm Sunday. Those ashes are blessed with holy water and scented with incense...
Lent - Fill in the Blank
Here we go, Buffalo....Easter falls early this year (April 5), so we're already staring down the barrel of Lent.  Today is Ash Wednesday....what are you giving up for Lent?
I CONSIDERED giving up Facebook and Social Media...but it's kind of part of my job.

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