My Favorite Tool [PHOTOS]
On Friday (11/18/16), it was sunny and 72.  But the wind was whippin', and in WNY, we know what that means....a change is a'comin!
If you're like me, you took advantage of the warm weather to rake (one of my least favorite chores on earth)...
Your Leaves on My Lawn
Today on the Mix Morning Rush Laura Daniels and I spoke about who's responsibility it is to rake the leaves in your lawn that didn't fall from your tree.
I personally believe that if the leaves off of my tree fall into my neighbors yard I should be the one to rake them for you. The...
Here's the perfect excuse not to spend the weekend raking the leaves...apparently, it's killing the environment.
The National Wildlife Federation posted an article called "Why You Should Leave The Leaves" in September, but now that the rest of us who are searching for a re…
Husky Pile o' Leaves [VIDEOS]
Sometimes ya just need a shot in the arm full of HAPPY.
This video did just that for Keith and I.  You've never seen a more thrilled Siberian Huskey.  <3
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