Handshakes To Be Banned At Businesses
Business cards. Phone books. Plastic grocery bags.
...just some of the things that kids born after 2020 will probably never see.
Are handshakes next?
Handshakes may be banned in the workplace in order for companies to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims...
Proposal Would Change Law For Adopting Cats
There's a new proposal to change a law when you a adopt cats in Erie County.
A proposed law in Erie County is designed to get stray cats into homes faster. This law will catch Erie County up with the rest of New York State and allow shelters to place cats with new owners who do not have any iden…
Buffalo To Penalize Dog Owners Who Leave Dogs Outside
Big dog lovers are going to love this! If you tether your dog, there may be a new law that you're going to need to know....unless you want to go to jail and $1000 fine.
The Buffalo Common Council and the Erie County SPCA are reviewing legislation on Tuesday that says you will be punished by law …
Parents Sue Their Son Over This--Would You Kick Him Out?
I wonder if my mom would do this lol

A man is 30-years old.
His parents want him out
Gave him 5 eviction notices + even offered him cash to help him start out.
Son says he has not been giving efficient time.
Mom and dad seek legal help to get him out
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