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WNY First Lake Effect Snow Event To Hit Tonight Into The Weekend
Here's the full Lake Effect Warning notice according to the National Weather Service:
To sum up, Chautauqua and Southern Erie counties are the areas to be on alert, and you're looking at storm totals in the range of "it missed us totally" to more than two feet in persisten…
Significant Lake Effect Snow Possible for WNY
According to the Buffalo News the National Weather Service is predicting a significant lake effect snow storm to shape up over the next week. The same warning reminds people to:
Stranded Downtown [Video]
Since he can't go home to his pad in Lancaster, Dan had to stay the night at the Mix 96 studios, so...he figured he'd take a nice stroll through the streets of snow-stricken downtown Buffalo.
As the second wave of the Western New York snowstorm moves in, Buffalo is "treated" to snow lightning and thunder! Here's a brief snippet captured from the Mix 96 studios.
Winter Blast Hits South Buffalo
It started out as a beautiful snowfall in South Buffalo on Monday night, but by Tuesday turned into a Winter Blast that dumped more than 70 inches in less than 24 hours.
Not'cho Chips!
Sometimes ya need a lil snack.
When opportunity strikes, sometimes people just need a BIG snack.
This Doritos delivery truck was stuck on Seneca street, so some "neighbors" decided to help themselves...
I just saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos tru…
How Much Snow Did Your City Get?
Erie County is experiencing some snow and it is CRAZY!! Let's put this in perspective. Four miles south of Cheektowaga 65 inches of the white flurries were reported as of Wednesday afternoon while three miles north of Cheektowaga there was only two inches of snow reported!

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