Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld Coming to Buffalo! [VIDEO]
Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to Buffalo!  The creator of his hit show in the 90's will make his return to Shea’s Performing Arts Center on Friday, January 22 to perform his signature stand-up routine. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 30 at 10am!  For added entertainment check out his FIRST television performance in the 70s below!
The ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Hated Working With Susan, So They Conspired to Kill Her
Seinfeld is truly the gift that keeps on giving, whether bestowing all its episodes on modarn platforms like Hulu, putting Jerry and Elaine on the road together, or unveiling surprise stories of the past. Latest from the treasure trove is Jason Alexander’s explanation of Heidi Swedberg’s Susan Ross, whom the cast apparently hated working with, and conspired together to kill off.
The Lost Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’ That No One Has Ever Seen (and Never Will)
During the second season of ‘Seinfeld’ – on Wednesday, December 12, 1990, to be more exact – the cast sat down to read through the script for what would be the fourth episode of the season and only the ninth episode of a series that would go on to produce a total of 180 episodes. The episode was titled ‘The Bet.’ Sets for the episode had been built. Guest characters had been cast. ‘The Bet’ would never air.
Adam Levine with SNL
I love Adam Levine and Maroon 5, but I have to say I was a little worried. A musician trying to act can be a train-wreck, but I was actually pretty impressed. Other than the obvious reading of the teleprompter through most of the skits, I think the show was good...

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