Have You Seen This Missing WNY Man?
Wednesday night into Thursday morning a man went missing in Jamestown and the Jamestown Police Department is calling it 'suspicious'.
35-year-old Sean Carpenter went missing around 1:45 AM after he was walking home on Pine to get to his home on Superior St...
Sad Incident As Dog Found Hanging From Tree in Jamestown
Here's what happened.
Someone was going by Hallock Street in Jamestown and they noticed a brown and white pit bull hanging from a tree. The dog was hanging by his leash tied to a blue nylon rope in a wooded area on Hallock.
According to WGRZ:
At this point it appears this was an intentional act and it …
Vehicle Meth Lab found in WNY
New York State Police have made charges after finding a meth lab inside a vehicle in Jamestown. According to WGRZ two suspects were been stopped in front of a convenience store when police made the discovery of the substances.
The suspects were a male and female aged 26 and 22-years-old. T…
Jamestown, 2017 [VIDEO]
I was born in Jamestown.
I rode my first bike in Jamestown.
I had my first kiss in Jamestown.
I had my first heartache, in Jamestown.
The city has grown, fallen, grown again, and as of late, has been subject of some pretty unsavory news...
DETAILS: Jamestown’s Christmas Parade + Celebration
It's that time of the year again!
The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation invites you to our “parade of presents” at the downtown Jamestown “Gift Exchange” Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration, presented by The Resource Center!
DATE: Frida…
In Custody, Dog Injured
After a scary few days in the southern tier, 36-year-old Keith Robbins is in custody.
Robbins is accused of shooting and killing his wife, Shari, in the overflow lot for Heritage Park last week.
Last night around midnight, Robbins was confronted by K-9 Officer "Mitchell" in the …
New Lucy Statue! [PHOTO]
This terrifying eye sore is almost a thing of the past in my dear hometown!
My niece and nephew, when visiting Jamestown from Albany, will ask their parents if they can go see "the scary lady".
The hideous creation has all but terrorized the village of Celoron (just outside Jamestown…
Jamestown Headliner
My hometown is putting a LOT of effort behind its new National Museum of Comedy – this may be one of the coolest reasons to visit! Jamestown is going to welcome GEORGE CARLIN.
Carlin is GREAT, but he passed away in 2008.
With the help of some pretty amazing (and let's face it, kind of futur…
Hidden Gems in Chaut. County
As you may or may not know, I was born and raised in Jamestown, NY.
Lucille Ball and the 10,000 Maniacs also carry that badge, and believe it or not, there's actually a lot of OTHER cool history that comes right out of Chautauqua County.
If you find yourself looking for something fun to do with the fa…

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