A Batavia Phone Number Is Being Used in an IRS Scam
The Batavia Police Department are investigating a scam that claims that they are the IRS using phone numbers that are from the City of Batavia. The scammers will call and say they are collecting funds for the IRS and they need to be put into an account within an hour to avoid arrest...
IRS Scam Call [VIDEO]
I've already filed the complaint with the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker (as they suggested) but MAN do these things make me MAD!
The number that called me is (360) 208-0865, but they come from many others. This same number has been popping up on my caller ID for about three weeks...
Watch Out For Tax Scams
The IRS want us taxpayers to be on high alert for tax scams from criminals pretending to be the IRS. Officials in Washington remind us to beware of phone calls and emails from individuals claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in an effort to scam you out of your money.
LiLo Gets Tax Help – You’ll Never Guess From Whom!
With so many things going on in the out-of-control life that is Lindsay Lohan, you, like me, may have missed the fact that LiLo owes over two-hundred thousand dollars in Federal taxes. Well, that was before a celebrity friend paid $100, 000 of it last week! Who's Lindsay's friend? You&apo…
IRS: Tax Law Does Not Recognize Same Sex Marriages
For all those same-sex newlyweds in New York, the IRS has a message, enjoy the Champagne and the honeymoon, but don't expect any love from the IRS. According to estate planners same-sex unions aren’t legal in the eyes of the IRS, a policy that will cost them time and money durin…
What To Do If You Owe The IRS Money
It's not even April, but many of us already know that Uncle Sam is going to hand us a bill. About one in four tax returns have a balance due, according to the Internal Revenue Service.