Hot Dogs

Better Than Ted’s + Louie’s? New Hot Dog Place in WNY!
This new place turned an old gas station into one of the most unique hot dog stands we've ever seen. Better than Louie's at 2 AM or Ted's for lunch? Possibly.
These dogs are super crazy.
Take this one for instance. The Violet Beauregard is a dog with blueberry barbecue sauce, …
Today is Free Slurpee Day in Buffalo!! Plus $1 Hot Dogs
It's July 11 aka 7/11 day and they're giving away FREE slurpees all day long.
The featured flavor today is Captain Crunch Crunch Berries, which sounds amazing, but remember they do still give away all of the flavors for free. You can bring your own cup too, so make sure you bring a hef…
The Whistle Pig Is Back!
Thanks to mother nature, we're not always sure that the warm weather is here. But one sure sign for me that summer is rapidly approaching is the re-opening of The Whistle Pig at Military and Packard in the town of Niagara!