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Donald Trump Used to Work in Buffalo at Roswell Park ???
...Ok, not THAT Donald Trump.  But read on to see how he knows the OTHER one too!!!
Dr. Donald Trump, an oncology doctor, was president and CEO of Roswell Park from 2007 until about a year and a half ago, when he moved to Virginia.  He is now CEO and executive director of Inova Schar Cancer…
Cashing In On The Presidential Debate
Tonight's the night!  The final episode of the 3 part mini series that is the Presidential Debate will take place.  What better way to end the series then to have the finale in Las Vegas!
Maybe it's just a coincidence but could this have been planned out any better??  .…
'Wing' Debate: Trump vs Clinton [VIDEO]
After two presidential debates and one salacious 'back of the bus' audio/video, the country is still divided on who they want to vote in as POTUS.  Maybe this will make it easier.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton held another debate here in Buffalo on Tuesday night, and if missing…

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