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Open Letter To Buffalo
An Open Letter To Buffalo:
When I told people in North Carolina that I was moving to Buffalo, NY a lot of them looked at me like I was crazy and said “Why?!” After the 10th person had the same reaction, I thought maybe I had made a mistake but moved here anyway in November…
Ride A Bridge?
I watched this video and got goose bumps! I'm not super afraid of heights, but you would NEVER catch me doing this... EVER!! lol
Take More Vacation Days!
"We've heard that over 400,000,000 vacation days go unused every year!" How is this possible! I know taking a vacation is expensive but lots of people these days are taking "staycations" and there are a ton of great sites right here in WNY to check out...
Fan "Shake It Off" Video
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who dances like this when "Shake It Off" comes on! I'm right there with you McKenzie, you "Shake It Off" girlie!!
Kinetic Art
First there was kinetic rain, now there is art using the same concept. I give you about a 10 minute time suck. Enjoy! lol
Kinetic Art by Anthony Howe:
Kinetic Art in Purple:
8 things all parents do!
We are all guilty of it at one point in our lives. The lie to your friends that your child is sick so you can sit home and just relax for the night. Your child's toy magically gets "lost" because it the most annoying thing ever! Or my personal favorite, coming up with straight…
Aretha Covers Adele
Listen to Aretha do an amazing cover of this Adele song AND she even manages to get the song, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in there too!
Horse Dancing
So I love Meghan Trainor and I think she has the chance to be as successful as Taylor Swift. Apparently, I'm not the only fan! lol
Post by Emma Jones.
Lorde's Mockingjay Song
We're already obsessed with the fact that Lorde has curated the soundtrack to 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,' so of course we can't stop listening to her own song from the film, 'Yellow Flicker Beat,' which just dropped today (Sept. 29).
Mesmerizing Show!
There are certain things that get your attention and you could watch them for hours. Like a trainwreck but in a good way! That's how I feel about Kinetic Rain is Changi)
Here's an overview that show what Kinetic Rain is:
Here how the mechanics work to make this spectacular show:

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