gas prices

How To Save A Few Pennies In Summer
The summer months are near and the $4.00 + gas is here.  If you are thinking of having fun and saving money follow these tips.
Download The AAA Ap for the lowest gas price.
Easter Weekend Gas Prices
Nationwide the cost of regular unleaded gas is averaging $3.85 a gallon. In Western New York its over $4.00 a gallon, and even more expensive in Canada. It's causing a lot of people to rethink their Easter weekend travel plans,
Western New York Gas Prices
They're back! Rising gas prices. It affects everything we do! From going to the grocery store, to getting the kids to hockey, or just commuting to work. Well here's an easy way to see where the cheapest gas is.
Expect Gas Prices To Go Higher
Think gas prices are too high? well you haven't seen anything yet.
Gas prices are at near record highs here in Western New York but higher prices may be only days away.