You Have to See What Got Inside Tim Hortons [PHOTO]
Hey, at least he was hard at work!
One little critter found himself inside Tim Horton's looking for some coffee, we're pretty sure. Someone was walking by the Tim Horton's in Toronto and spotted this guy going through some of the lower cabinets and the workers on the phone (p…
Having A Halloween Party? Here’s Some Spooktacular Jokes
Many of us will be attending or hosting some sort of Halloween party, and while it's supposed to be about the scary costumes, candy, and spooky stories, sometimes it can be a bit much for the kiddo' and maybe adults too. That being said, I've compiled some of my favorite Hallowe…
Giraffe Jumps in Wedding Pictures is Hilarious
Could you imagine?!
There was a couple getting married and they wanted to take pictures on an animal reservation. To their surprise, while the bride and groom were holding hands posing for the camera they got an unexpected visitor. The giraffe hung out for about 20 minutes while the photographer just…
This Woman Pooped in Tim Hortons Yesterday At The Cash Register
WHY!!! A woman was caught on camera at Tim Hortons going to the bathroom--not that she even cared that she was caught on camera. Here's the deal:

She really had to go
Goes into Hortons + they tell her to use the bathroom she had to buy something
Didn't have enough time to negotiate
Relieves he…

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