Flu Shots

The Flu Season Is Lingering
The flu season despite thoughts to the contrary is definitely NOT over yet. The normal flu season usually lasts through late February through early March, but the Center for Disease Control warns that a new strain may lengthen the window of vulnerability this year, possibly into May.
Flu Shots
It’s 2013, and none of us were killed off by the Mayan Apocalypse (fingers crossed). But we’re not through the woods yet – there’s something far more threatening than a potential doomsday looming upon us: the flu.
Where To Get A Flu Shot In Western New York!
The Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York has begun it's annual campaign aimed at getting Western New Yorkers flu and pneumonia shots!  The VNA's professional nurses will be administering vaccines at more than 600 clinics throughout Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Catt…
Flu Shot Time, Already?
It seems like the Summer months have just ended, the leaves are still green and it is flu shot time...already? The answer is of course, yes!
Universal Flu Shots?
Scientists are getting closer in their quest for a universal flu vaccine that would protect people from all strains of influenza for decades or even a lifetime.
Are You Getting A Flu Shot?
A newly released "Consumer Reports" Survey shows fewer people are planning to get a flu shot this year -- just one year after the H1N1 pandemic.  Researchers found out of 15-hundred participants only 37-percent plan to get vaccinated this year...