See Laura Daniels Flowers -- Before They Die! [PHOTOS]
About 3 weeks ago, I went on a mulch-mission:  I wanted to prepare myself for the upcoming gardening season as early as possible, to avoid the multiple visits I made last year. I loaded up on 20 bags.
I STINK at gardening, but I wanted to give it a valiant effort this year...
Cat Afraid Of Flowers? [VIDEO]
Whoa!  Check out this cat goin' ballistic over flowers!  I kinda feel sorry for him.  I think he's more angry about the fact the owners have neglected their cleaning chores in quite some time.  Credit to Ekin Kollama via YouTube
Gift from a stranger
Buffalo is known as the "city of good neighbors" and it was proved to me once again on Tuesday when I received a gift from a stranger. I left work around 5:45p and was driving down Ellicott Street near the library downtown. I had my sunroof open and windows down in my car because i…
Need a Little Spring? [VIDEO]
I'm think I am pretty tough dealing with winter weather. I also think this winter season has not been all that bad...BUT all the recent really cold weather the past few weeks has done me in! What say you? Need a lil' spring?
What’s In Your Flower Beds?
There are no green thumbs in my house. Generally, any type of annuals I may plant in the spring don't make it through the summer. I had basically given up on having any sort of flowers to enhance the curb appeal of our home. Then, I found a daylily!
Re-gifting Flowers?
People re-gift all the time, right?  Sweaters, appliences and things in general they don't want or need.  What about re-gifting flowers?
Today’s Guilty Pleasures For women….
Facebook-It enables us to catch up on gossip, look at embarrassing pictures of friends, ex-friends, or better yet ex-boyfriends.
Buying flowers for ourselves- many women do this.  First, the appearance of flowers are nice and liven up a room...