The Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom Has Suffered Damage
Unusually strong winds gusting as high as 74 mph this afternoon caused the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom to suffer damage flooding the Niagara River with Ice. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz confirmed the event this evening after portions of the boom were spotted floating in the river.
Flooding Concerns For WNY
Now that February is in the record books for being the coldest month ever in Western New York, it's nice to finally start enjoying warmer temperatures.
Water Logged Weekend [Video]
Western New York has had it's share of wet weather lately. Plenty of flood watches and warnings. Washed out weekends. And more rain expected this coming week. Grass can't get cut, outdoor activities cancelled. But we've got it pretty good here. In Louisiana this weekend they open…
Could ‘Superstorm’ Hit California?
A group of over 100 scientist have compiled a report that states California is at risk of being hit with a massive 'superstorm' of the likes the state has never seen. The report goes on to say that a quarter of the homes in the state are at risk of being flooded and could cause up to 400 b…