The Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom Has Suffered Damage
Unusually strong winds gusting as high as 74 mph this afternoon caused the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom to suffer damage flooding the Niagara River with Ice. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz confirmed the event this evening after portions of the boom were spotted floating in the river.
Pastor Retrieves a Casket
I just got off the phone with my buddy in Clover S. Carolina and all is well in his neighborhood. For many others, things are still a mess. Just watch and see what this pastor did on LIVE TV!
Drones Views of Texas
Texas continues to grapple with the vicious flooding that has crippled the state. To see just how bad it is will leave you speechless.
Flooding Concerns For WNY
Now that February is in the record books for being the coldest month ever in Western New York, it's nice to finally start enjoying warmer temperatures.

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