Father's Day

'Because I Said So' Week in Review - 6/18/17
Happy Father's Day to all of the great Dad's out there!  Why not spend a moment kicked back in your easy chair and catch up on anything you may have missed on 'Because I Said Do' with Val Townsend and Tony P.  We made it easy on you, you can do it right HERE...
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Father's Day Forecast
In Western New York the weather changes every 10 minutes so this post is probably already incorrect but according to the National Weather Service we are in for some legit thunderstorms on Father's Day.  This is music to my ears!
First off, who doesn't love a good thunderstorm? &n…
5 Things My Father Instilled in Me
My father currently suffers with dementia and now it's time for my brother and I to give him direction. Still, the father-isms and words of wisdom he instilled in me over the years help me realize today that he was preparing us kids for almost anything that would come our way.

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