Great Exercises That Don't Require Equipment
Keeping in good physical condition is a necessity if you want to stay active and lengthen your lifespan. If your excuses for exercising include "I don't have the time" or "Gyms are too expensive" there is an alternative.
Top Excuses For Not Getting In Shape
The thing most responsible for you not getting in shape...Y-O-U. I can afford to lose a few pounds (like 20) and you, while maybe not needing to lose weight may just want to look better or feel better.
Val & Tony Do Orangetheory Fitness
As part of our (and so many others) New Years resolutions, Val and I decided we wanted to get into great shape.  Turns out you have to work for it and what better place to start than Orangetheory Fitness.  We ventured in for a workout, and they made us work for it...
Benefits of Walking [Sponsored]
Running obviously has a ton of health benefits, but not everyone can get out there and jog 10 miles to burn calories. Fortunately, studies are showing that walking can be just as good for your overall health (THANK GOD), and in some cases is even more beneficial than running (especially around a poo…
Tony P gets Last Laugh on Val Townsend
Val Townsend and I have a New Years resolution where we need to work out everyday or there will be a punishment.  Val missed a week in January because of a detox cleanse she was doing and her doctor said she couldn't work out.  I, of course, punished her...
Best Place to Take a Walk In Buffalo Area
You've probably heard me talk about it before – I have an unhealthy relationship with my FitBit.  I'm obsessed with it, actually. Even though I rarely hit my 10k steps for the day, if I DON'T have it on, I have an incredible fear of missing having steps counted...

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