Dyngus Day

Buffalo Minute: Friday 4-14-17 [AUDIO]
Have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny this tomorrow at the Buffalo Zoo! The event has 2 sessions in the morning.

It'll be a few months before western New Yorkers will be able to take advantage Uber and Lyft, they will launch in July once the state budget takes effect.  T
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Dyngus Day In Buffalo 2016
The Dyngus Day Capital of the U.S. celebrates like no other!
Of course I'm talking about right here in Buffalo, and the party this year was awesome. Despite the dreary cold weather, Buffalo came out in droves to celebrate all over  Western New York...
Facts And Origins Of Dyngus Day
Today is Dyngus Day!  Here are some fast facts to get you up-to-speed before you hit the parade, parties and a couple bottles of Tyskie!
Origin of Dyngus Day:
The baptism of Polish Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. This Baptism with water means fertility, cleansing and purification...
Buffalo Dyngus Day Parties
The United State's biggest celebration for Dyngus Day begins today at 5 p.m. on the east side of Buffalo, NY! The parade starts in front of Corpus Christi Church, but of course we know the parties start much earlier than that in Western New York...
Revisit The GiggleFest [VIDEO]
It's a treasured, time-honored tradition here in Buffalo....but no one had a more comical response to learning about Dyngus Day than Anderson Cooper.
Getting caught in a giggle-fest was silly at first, and then it became hopelessly adorable (IMHO)...
Dyngus Day Festivities
Easter Monday is more commonly known as Dyngus Day in English-speaking countries, and celebrated by the Polish community to mark the end of the Lenten Season.
‘Dyngus Day in Buffalo’ Polka Song [VIDEO]
Dyngus Day is April 6, 2015, and no one does Dyngus Day like Buffalo! Dyngus Day Buffalo festivities take place in the Historic Polonia District, Cheektowaga, Depew, South Buffalo and Black Rock. The annual post-Lenten bash attracts tens of thousands of people to Buffalo, NY, to celebrate Polis…

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