Tony P's Dad Day Gift Ideas
Father's Day is Sunday, and for most of you that are prepared for it you can sit back and relax.  For the rest of us that like to live life at the last minute, I am providing a list of a few cool items to get Dad.
As with any holiday, no matter what you get Dad he is required to like it...
Drones Restricted Over Ralph [VIDEO]
It is now forbidden to fly a drone over or near Ralph Wilson Stadium. according to The Buffalo News,  a person attempting to fly one will be in violation of three regulations: federal law, a new Orchard Park town ordinance and the Bills’ stadium policy.
Authorities admit there is no certain threat, b…
This Just May Be The World's Smallest Drone
Yesterday I was soaking in my hot tub when I saw two tiny hummingbirds flying near my pine trees. I thought, could you imagine a drone that small buzzing around? It could be undetectable. Well, this now mainstream gadget, a drone, can actually be found in a size smaller than most hummingbirds.