Demi Moore

What is Demi Moore’s Real Name?
Since pretty much forever, celebrities have changed their names to something else. Maybe its alliteration, or they don't think their given name is suitable. But some of their new names aren't even close to the originals!
Can A Broken Heart Kill?
A broken heart. We've all had one, at least once in our lives. You. Me. Even Ashton and/or Demi. You've probably even heard of people who are said to have "died of a broken heart". But can that really happen?
Has Ashton Kutcher Been Replaced By Other Younger Man?
Oh goodness, I guess the closet doors are beginning to open up on Ashton and Demi. The couple is still together amid allegations of an affair between Ashton and another young woman in San Diego. The girl has come out to talk of her romp with Ashton. This is the second time Ashton's infidelities…
Is It The End Of Ashton And Demi
Are Ashton and Demi heading down the road of divorce? Let's hope not. I love seeing them together and Demi alone has launched a whole cougar nation.  According to Ashton slept with a woman in San Diego that was not his wife.  Ashton was just accused of sleeping …

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